Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Someday When I'm In Love

I see your eyes, their on mine
And I see how you're eyes linger
Softly telling me I am everything, everything.

And in that moment, I knew that was love.
That was everything I'll ever want for someday,
when I'm in love.

It was at night, you were driving
and I was nervous beside you,
I could let my whole world drop.

Love struck like a School Girl

I will admit to being twenty-five at this point of my life.
And that I'm still very totally clueless about love.

Brown and Bare

What is it about the eyes that make a moment seem longer.

I was a fan of a voice. I heard him sing in Blue Repertory's Bare and I was hooked.
I didn't recognize him from the promotional materials so I set him aside in my mind.

As I watched, I saw that his performance was outstanding. The subtle things like a hand gesture and a step to his side made the acting a little more real. His voice was strong and it sang with clarity. But it was the look in his face that sold it. He could make you feel he was in love with a look. I've never seen anything like it on stage, even with the Philippine greats. It made a world of a difference from being a college production to a class act.

My friends and I lingered around after the show to talk about their insights, I was there hoping to get a picture with him. I fretted and finally I got the courage to walk up to him. And he had the most beautiful brown eyes I've ever seen. I'll never forget those eyes.

I've never been an 'eyes are the windows to the soul' type of person. And I hope everyone who has ever thought the same will get the chance to meet him one day.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Beauty of Music by Tina

Spending the night in the arms of wonderful music is a luxury for the soul. There are singers that really get in the back of our hearts and stir up a myriad of emotions. Who hasn't gone through emo "Me" and listened to the most heart clenching songs on his mp3 player? There's just something about music that really stirs the soul.

And I will admit to stalking someone, yes I did. One link led to another and I found a diamond.

Funny thing happened too.

A friend of mine mentioned that that our Doctor friend's sister is this amazing theatre singer. My friend was raving about how she sings like a black woman. And I forgot to mention it to our Doctor friend when I saw him.

Hours later during my stalking/searching, I accidentally found the theatre singer and I'm hooked.

I have renewed pride in our Filipino singers.

Introducing Ms. Tina Ramos.
(Featuring a song dedicated to my doctor friend, her brother)