Tuesday, November 20, 2007

mY TMS aDvEnTuRe! (11.11.07)

drum roll please!

'Welcome to the 40th Tokyo Motor Show'

that says it all. *-*

check out the new mini cooper. think 'italian job'. *kilig* and dont forget to scrutinize the concept cars. as the TMS tagline goes:

the future is here.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My pLaCe ^-^

to entice people to get here already, haha :P kidding ^-^ im posting pictures of my mansion here.

it's a one bedroom unit with a dining kitchen area. it has a built in shoe rack, standard sink, top shelves, bathtub and an oshi-ire (japanese closet for futons). it's definitely smaller than my room at home, but barely (if you exclude 3/4 of my walk-in closet, its just about the same size). it's 2/5 of the burgundy dorm. it's 4/5 of an ateneo CTC classroom. see, there's plenty of space for a house guest :P

anyway, ive got a microwave oven (denchi renji) and a small refrigerator. i have a pan, but i dont have a stove though (wish i did, but no space either >.<). my room has 2 tables, 1 book shelf, 1 bed and 1 cabinet. i got two carpets because the floor really is just too cold. ive got pink curtains and pink bed sheets. ive got 3 pillows on my bed (which is napaka-kulang para sa akin huhuhu), my teddy bear, my snoopy book and my hiragana fairy tales book. my bedside has my treasure chest *love*, my alarm clock (naka-auto snooze setting na yung kamay ko sa umaga huhu), tissue paper and pocket organizer filled with a ballpen, my hairclip, cellphone and usb cables. finally, i have my piano. ^-^ it does seem like an impusle buy, but if you really think about it... it's something ive longed for for 5 years. ^-^