Sunday, September 28, 2008

My dAx

i'm speechless. (T-T)

it's perfect. thank you, babydax.
*one love and a million hugs*

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

mY vIdeO fOr aBbY

to: Kate (^-^)V

** i'm sorry the last part's weird. haha those were my friends fooling around so i made them fool around constructively. they said 'happy graduation' in japanese. :) i don't know, it might me helpful so i added it in :P

thanks to queenie's PM, to hang won's camera, to ie won's cuteness and steady hands, to so bon's camera appeal, to lady godiva and her 'milk chocolate and hazelnut' chocolate, to memory stick pro card readers and to my pc, here it is :)

i also wanna see yours ha! :D since it's all via multiply, add me to the access list! *please! :D*

i miss everyone :-*

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

mY suMmEr pArt2: tHe mT fUji (08.08.10-11)

climb up 4 hours. sleep 6 hours. climb up 6 hours. rest and eat 1 hour. descend 1 hour. change clothes 30 mins. descend 3.5 hours.

i have never been in so much physical pain. ever. the air was so thin. and i have never been so cold in my entire life. 3-5 degrees was colder than i had imagined. it did keep the soreness out of the way. my head, elbows and toes are the only parts not sore. it came to a point where i'd repeat "1-2-3-4" again and again. but id still take physical pain over emotional ones any day.

i have never seen so many stars! this is the nearest ive ever seen them. i could envy God for being so close to them. i sat on the ascending trail, thinking "i, maybe, want to die right here. now." even gabaldon cannot compare.

i have never been above the clouds for a night. until now :) you get to the top and feel what it means to be godlike. you go down, and you realize how tortured the souls of lesser gods must be.

i was very lucky to be with wonderful company. i saw how wonderful a gift a sense of humor was, how each joke made the climb up so much easier. but the best part for me, was probably being inside a cloud. an actual cloud. i no longer have to wonder. :) i can start losing the longing feeling of reaching outside whenever im inside a plane.

the views were breathtaking. 6 shooting stars is something close to a miracle.
try figuring out how 22 people fit inside a 5m by 3.5m by 3.25m mountain hut to sleep. :D
whenever i felt pain, i smiled. [thank you queenie! i remembered your "smile when you wake up habit" :) ]
i made a great friend.
i skipped the onsen. i scanned inside for seconds and i already saw 3 naked women.
left with Y11,000/P4,400. i came home with Y8/P3.20. haha :D

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My DiSnEyLaNd DaYtRiP (08.05.30)

i rode at least 12 attractions, ate P2000 worth of food, and spend P4000 on memories :)

and that's just half of Disney World. i hope i get to go to Disney Sea someday! :)

personal bests:
best ride award: Space Mountain (hay. (*-*) stars everywhere.)
best food award: Roast turkey leg. (even after six years, heart-aching!)
best float award: Peter Pan float. (take me too!!!)
best friend award: do hyon (...thanks for leaving my umbrella 50 feet above ground. haha :P)

btw, there was a pooh-everything store there, and five minutes in it, i felt like spewing out the last ten things i ate. i like pooh, but that was just... too much pooh.

total money spent: Y15,000 yen sans tickets. my pockets are chaffing. :P
total time spent: 12 hours. haha :)
total number of times proposed to johnny depp: 5

Sunday, June 29, 2008

from a year ago.


my favorite priest in the world, fr. stein, came for to japan for (i can only assume) work. it pained me that i kept missing his voicecalls, so i tried the direct approach. in utter shock and amazement, i was attended the mass fr. magadia and fr. huang officiated yesterday. i scanned the church in search of fr. stein because i felt strongly he'd be there with them but he was nowhere in sight. so after the mass and after waiting for both of them to finish lunch, i introduced myself and expressed my intentions of seeing fr. stein. in the end, i never got to see fr. stein, but just hearing his recorded voicecall was happiness enough for me. plus, i got to meet with fr. jojo and fr. huang. they're such holy and warm persons. *sighs*

fr. jojo's homily, left me speechless. i think everyone was too.
it reminded me why i love going to mass.

he asked himself, why st. peter and st. paul, two of the greatest saints are celebrated together on a single day? no two saints could be more different. fisherman - persecutor. probinsyano - city boy. but then:

Climb every mountain, ford every stream
Follow every rainbow, till you find your dream

this is what they had in common. they held on to their dream, their singular love for Christ.

A dream that will need, all the love you can give
Everyday of your life, for as long as you live

and he ended it with a prayer through st. peter and st. paul, that we may find that dream that will need all the love we can give.

i do hope we all do. :)

oh, the 7th of July, the 7th month is the Tanabata Matsuri (Star Festival). it's a festival based on a chinese folk story about two stars in love who were forced to be separated and could only meet once a year, on the 7th day of the 7th month. as part of tradition, people place all there wishes and dreams on a piece of paper and hang it on a bamboo tree in hopes that it would come true.

i wrote: 最高の愛。


i wrote: アカサコの名前が続けますように。

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

mY fUjIkYuU HiGhLaNd cLaSs TrIp (03.05.08)

since we're going to Tokyo Disneyland the day after tomorrow, i am posting our previous school trip's pictures from Fujikyuu Highland in Yamanashi Prefecture.

it was just roughly two months ago and there was still snow. we had a picture perfect view of mt. fuji everywhere. there were so many people there but it was a very beautiful day to be out with friends. ^-^

attraction count: 1 (T-T)?
the dodonpa is the second fastest rollercoaster in the world. it took 3 1/2 hours waiting time so we had to eat lunch standing up in line. it lasted roughly 55 seconds, at 4.2G acceleration we went from 0 to 172 kph in two seconds, dropped at a 90 degree angle from 52 meters above ground, and we had a fantastic view of mt. fuji while screaming our heads off from the excitement/tension/fear (i think i had the last one). one of the most fantastic minute of my life. ^-^

aftwerwards, i couldnt think straight for the next few minutes after the ride. seriously. i felt my heart got stuck somewhere in my throat as i stood from my seat.

check it out :)

visit when you can! ^-^

go to a karaoke bar and sing - check!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

mY cHeRrY bLoSsOmS / kAnKoU's BiRtHdAy (03.28.08)

we walk into a dream.

have you ever seen cherry blossoms? they make you believe in magic worlds and in the beauty of our own world. you see them so beautiful, and you think maybe there are fairies and dwarves and little elves taking a vacation at this time of year.

other major points:
1. we were three amongst thirty thousand people?! we just wanted to go to the zoo and happened by the park... T-T
2. my dreams came true: "Goldfish". ^-^
3. we did ride the swan boat, and had fun bumping our boat into dating people. *-* oooh, a duck bit my right hand. i was trying to feed it. poor duck.
4. bought the cake at 11.30am and we ate it 9 hours later. it was disfigured really badly. it somehow... fit. :)

till next year then. ^-^

*all goldfishes seen in plastic bags being carried around by a korean, a chinese and a filipina girl were all set free. no harm came upon on any other animal except the duck.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

iF i WeRe a piLLow








Saturday, February 2, 2008

mY wHiTe MoRnInG

recently, i wake up between 10.30 and 11.15 am everyday (even weekends, mind you! :P).

today, i woke up from the cold. for the second time this year, my knees were hurting and my body was unconsciously staying away from the window side of my bed. unlike last time, it was 7.45 am.

it's snowing ^-^

as in right now.

*hey cc, i hope it's snowing there too! happy birthday dearie! :) :) :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

mY wInTeR vAcAtIoN, HoMe (12.23.07~01.10.08)

there were no announcements when i left. there weren't any either when i returned for break. im sorry if i wasnt able to talk to everyone, or meet up with everyone. but i was always thinking of you.

i honestly didn't know if i could get back. a part of me also didnt want to go back. but im really glad i did. :)

at the end of this trip, i have blisters on my right hand from all the driving i did. i also have a ton of memories and a very grateful heart.

i think, my best smile came when i finally got to my room.
the best driving experience was the one when i kidnapped marj and joanini.
the best food i ate, chicken balls. hands down.
my first hug home, papa.
the person who made me happiest, ryan.
the person i saw the most, marj. abibi's a very close second.
the person who touched me the most, evert.
the person i wish i could have spent more time with, kris.
the person i wish i could have spent time with, sherie.
my biggest accomplishment, i changed and accepted my future.
my biggest (and hopefully, only) regret, 24 hours a day isnt enough to spend with friends.

ill be seeing you in fifteen months :)

mY cHrIsTmAs PaRtY (12.21.07)

to prepare. we made flowers out of japanese paper. we drew pictures on the white board. i sooo kick ass in drawing snowmen. haha :P

the following day, the food arrived. and the party was set. :) there was a short program prepared for the afternoon. volunteers helped prepare and cook the chijimi and the yakisoba. 200 mini-cakes were delivered. i brought leche flan (which, i later learned was actually pudding). you can try your skill with the chinese paintbrush. and you can also wear a yukata. :)

everyone kept moving around. there were probably at least a hundred students there. some came in santa costumes with giant bags filled with sweets.props to the cute reindeer and snowman costumes. there were also guys who looked pretty good in a girl's kimono... *toink* and, gulay, i am so bad at bingo.

the best part of the day would be, the fact that after that day, it was winter vacation already. :)