Wednesday, May 28, 2008

mY fUjIkYuU HiGhLaNd cLaSs TrIp (03.05.08)

since we're going to Tokyo Disneyland the day after tomorrow, i am posting our previous school trip's pictures from Fujikyuu Highland in Yamanashi Prefecture.

it was just roughly two months ago and there was still snow. we had a picture perfect view of mt. fuji everywhere. there were so many people there but it was a very beautiful day to be out with friends. ^-^

attraction count: 1 (T-T)?
the dodonpa is the second fastest rollercoaster in the world. it took 3 1/2 hours waiting time so we had to eat lunch standing up in line. it lasted roughly 55 seconds, at 4.2G acceleration we went from 0 to 172 kph in two seconds, dropped at a 90 degree angle from 52 meters above ground, and we had a fantastic view of mt. fuji while screaming our heads off from the excitement/tension/fear (i think i had the last one). one of the most fantastic minute of my life. ^-^

aftwerwards, i couldnt think straight for the next few minutes after the ride. seriously. i felt my heart got stuck somewhere in my throat as i stood from my seat.

check it out :)

visit when you can! ^-^

go to a karaoke bar and sing - check!