Tuesday, August 12, 2008

mY suMmEr pArt2: tHe mT fUji (08.08.10-11)

climb up 4 hours. sleep 6 hours. climb up 6 hours. rest and eat 1 hour. descend 1 hour. change clothes 30 mins. descend 3.5 hours.

i have never been in so much physical pain. ever. the air was so thin. and i have never been so cold in my entire life. 3-5 degrees was colder than i had imagined. it did keep the soreness out of the way. my head, elbows and toes are the only parts not sore. it came to a point where i'd repeat "1-2-3-4" again and again. but id still take physical pain over emotional ones any day.

i have never seen so many stars! this is the nearest ive ever seen them. i could envy God for being so close to them. i sat on the ascending trail, thinking "i, maybe, want to die right here. now." even gabaldon cannot compare.

i have never been above the clouds for a night. until now :) you get to the top and feel what it means to be godlike. you go down, and you realize how tortured the souls of lesser gods must be.

i was very lucky to be with wonderful company. i saw how wonderful a gift a sense of humor was, how each joke made the climb up so much easier. but the best part for me, was probably being inside a cloud. an actual cloud. i no longer have to wonder. :) i can start losing the longing feeling of reaching outside whenever im inside a plane.

the views were breathtaking. 6 shooting stars is something close to a miracle.
try figuring out how 22 people fit inside a 5m by 3.5m by 3.25m mountain hut to sleep. :D
whenever i felt pain, i smiled. [thank you queenie! i remembered your "smile when you wake up habit" :) ]
i made a great friend.
i skipped the onsen. i scanned inside for seconds and i already saw 3 naked women.
left with Y11,000/P4,400. i came home with Y8/P3.20. haha :D