Wednesday, April 16, 2008

mY cHeRrY bLoSsOmS / kAnKoU's BiRtHdAy (03.28.08)

we walk into a dream.

have you ever seen cherry blossoms? they make you believe in magic worlds and in the beauty of our own world. you see them so beautiful, and you think maybe there are fairies and dwarves and little elves taking a vacation at this time of year.

other major points:
1. we were three amongst thirty thousand people?! we just wanted to go to the zoo and happened by the park... T-T
2. my dreams came true: "Goldfish". ^-^
3. we did ride the swan boat, and had fun bumping our boat into dating people. *-* oooh, a duck bit my right hand. i was trying to feed it. poor duck.
4. bought the cake at 11.30am and we ate it 9 hours later. it was disfigured really badly. it somehow... fit. :)

till next year then. ^-^

*all goldfishes seen in plastic bags being carried around by a korean, a chinese and a filipina girl were all set free. no harm came upon on any other animal except the duck.