Sunday, September 28, 2008

My dAx

i'm speechless. (T-T)

it's perfect. thank you, babydax.
*one love and a million hugs*

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

mY vIdeO fOr aBbY

to: Kate (^-^)V

** i'm sorry the last part's weird. haha those were my friends fooling around so i made them fool around constructively. they said 'happy graduation' in japanese. :) i don't know, it might me helpful so i added it in :P

thanks to queenie's PM, to hang won's camera, to ie won's cuteness and steady hands, to so bon's camera appeal, to lady godiva and her 'milk chocolate and hazelnut' chocolate, to memory stick pro card readers and to my pc, here it is :)

i also wanna see yours ha! :D since it's all via multiply, add me to the access list! *please! :D*

i miss everyone :-*