Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My DiSnEyLaNd DaYtRiP (08.05.30)

i rode at least 12 attractions, ate P2000 worth of food, and spend P4000 on memories :)

and that's just half of Disney World. i hope i get to go to Disney Sea someday! :)

personal bests:
best ride award: Space Mountain (hay. (*-*) stars everywhere.)
best food award: Roast turkey leg. (even after six years, heart-aching!)
best float award: Peter Pan float. (take me too!!!)
best friend award: do hyon (...thanks for leaving my umbrella 50 feet above ground. haha :P)

btw, there was a pooh-everything store there, and five minutes in it, i felt like spewing out the last ten things i ate. i like pooh, but that was just... too much pooh.

total money spent: Y15,000 yen sans tickets. my pockets are chaffing. :P
total time spent: 12 hours. haha :)
total number of times proposed to johnny depp: 5