Thursday, January 17, 2008

mY wInTeR vAcAtIoN, HoMe (12.23.07~01.10.08)

there were no announcements when i left. there weren't any either when i returned for break. im sorry if i wasnt able to talk to everyone, or meet up with everyone. but i was always thinking of you.

i honestly didn't know if i could get back. a part of me also didnt want to go back. but im really glad i did. :)

at the end of this trip, i have blisters on my right hand from all the driving i did. i also have a ton of memories and a very grateful heart.

i think, my best smile came when i finally got to my room.
the best driving experience was the one when i kidnapped marj and joanini.
the best food i ate, chicken balls. hands down.
my first hug home, papa.
the person who made me happiest, ryan.
the person i saw the most, marj. abibi's a very close second.
the person who touched me the most, evert.
the person i wish i could have spent more time with, kris.
the person i wish i could have spent time with, sherie.
my biggest accomplishment, i changed and accepted my future.
my biggest (and hopefully, only) regret, 24 hours a day isnt enough to spend with friends.

ill be seeing you in fifteen months :)

mY cHrIsTmAs PaRtY (12.21.07)

to prepare. we made flowers out of japanese paper. we drew pictures on the white board. i sooo kick ass in drawing snowmen. haha :P

the following day, the food arrived. and the party was set. :) there was a short program prepared for the afternoon. volunteers helped prepare and cook the chijimi and the yakisoba. 200 mini-cakes were delivered. i brought leche flan (which, i later learned was actually pudding). you can try your skill with the chinese paintbrush. and you can also wear a yukata. :)

everyone kept moving around. there were probably at least a hundred students there. some came in santa costumes with giant bags filled with sweets.props to the cute reindeer and snowman costumes. there were also guys who looked pretty good in a girl's kimono... *toink* and, gulay, i am so bad at bingo.

the best part of the day would be, the fact that after that day, it was winter vacation already. :)