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Understanding Shiseido

Shiseido in Japan is a mega corporation handling its own brands as well as foreign brands like Bare Escentuals and Nars Cosmetics (dosmestically in Japan). But whenever I try to look through the website, it's great big confusion of brands because it tries to handle so much in one website. So I am attempting to break down their skin care and makeup section using their foundations today.

Let me begin with the what's here brands:

マジョリカ マジョルカMajomajo is the brand positioned mainly for teens to early twenties. My personal favorite is their Skin Remaker because of its fantastic coverage and flawless finish. Their eyeshadows have above average quality, I would recommend it if not for the overly sparkly effect and sheerness, like I said it's for teens. Their best product based on market perception is their mascara. It is a well known brand for affordable but dependable mascara. Generally, it's a great brand to introduce young girls into makeup.

マキアージュThis is a French word for Makeup. The Japanese have a penchant for naming brands in French. Maquillage is for young professional women. The presentation has soft colors and golds - all very feminine. Its philosophy is bringing or drawing out beauty from within, a natural kind of beauty. I've tried the powder foundation and it's like silk to the skin. Majomajo already has Skin Remaker but this takes it to a whole new level. The price range is between Majomajo and Shiseido Makeup but the quality is closer to the latter. Not all the products from this line are available here though. Some of the products are displayed at Shiseido boutique stores.

資生堂 資生堂 メーキャップ 資生堂 ホワイトルーセント 資生堂ナチュラルグロウ
Shiseido boutique stores carry the makeup line from this brand - its namesake Shiseido. Their market is for the Refined Woman - it may be used by women from mid-twenties and above. It costs a pretty penny... well, several thousand pretty pennies then. But the flawlessness is impeccable. How flawless? Check this out from Ms Martha: Shiseido Makeup Technique

White Lucent is the extension of the whitening skin care line, which is also available here. It only has makeup base and powder foundation as makeup products.

Natural glow is an extension of Shiseido Makeup and has only two products, stick foundation and face powder.

Now for the nitty gritty part: What's not here?

Makeup Only Brands:


Selfit is Shiseido's least expensive brand. They have good SPF (20) and are either targeting pore coverage or

インテグレート Makeup brand that infuses a sense of fun with beauty of an adult woman.
インテグレート グレイシィ Makeup for the positive women at any age

Integrate is the mineral makeup line of Shiseido. Its quality is a notch higher than Majomajo but the price is definitely lower. It is no nonsense makeup line. Their endorser in Japan is Angelina Jolie! I personally their powder foundation because it has a lighter feel than Majomajo, mineral makeup is good for oily skin (which I have), and a little goes a long way.  The coverage is medium for the foundation. There's really no point to having a concealer! Integrate has the same target market as Maquillage.

Integrate Gracy is quite different from Integrate in its product lineup and is of lower quality and price. It is not a mineral makeup line. It is more of an Average Woman line so it's very basic makeup with basic color combinations for their palettes. Their base makeup is divided into for Whitening or for Moisture.

Skincare Extension Makeup Brands:

アクアレーベル Aqualabel is also another one of Shiseido's skin care extension brands, similar to d Program but much cheaper. It's target is twenties and above and it has 3 variants.

Blue is for Whitening. Uses m-Tranexamic acid.

Red is for Moisture. Uses Collagen GL.

Purple is for Aging. Gold is for Aging, premium line. Uses Royal Jelly GL and m-Tranexamic acid.

All three only have base makeup, powder and liquid foundation as its makeup products. For a better look at the Red and Blue line, check out Introduction Shiseido Aqualabel.

d プログラムd Program is ultimately a skin care brand. The system starts with the cleansing routine under its Common line. The next step in the skin care branches out to the following:

Balance Care (Blue) - for combination dry and oily skin

Acne Care (Orange) - for acne-prevention

Aging Care (Purple) - for age-related dry skin with firming function

Moisture Care (Pink) - for generally dry skin

Special Care (Gray) - for intensive solutions based on skin problem

In September 2012, d Program branched out to medicinal makeup and now offers two makeup solutions.

Blue - Medicinal makeup line with smooth finish for skin inflammations and acne prone skin

Green -  Protect, Prepare, Preserve skin care brand for the unstable skin barrier defense

リバイタルA high performance brand for no dullness, younger looking skin

Revital has an extensive skin care products line and a basic makeup products line. Really basic... base makeup, powder foundation, blush, brow liner and lipstick. Priced between Shiseido Makeup and &Face Art Method.

&フェイスA suped high-end skin care and cosmetics line, by high-end I mean 50% more than the yen amount of Shiseido when it come to makeup. What Shiseido says, "Skin care carefully formulated with choice ingredients that give skin moisture and suppleness. Relaxes tight facial muscles for bright and fresh looking skin".  & Face Art Method offers basic makeup products with limited palettes and color combinations.

アネッサBrand for sunscreen, protecting screen from UV rays every day.

Anessa is most famous for its sunscreen, well almost all the products in this brand are sun screen. It's a little bit more expensive than Kao products so Kao gets the trophy for sun screen in Japan. If you're planning to go spend the day at the beach, this would be good makeup to use. It's water resistant and has really high SPF (SPF50)!

UVホワイトA medicinal skin whitening brand for preventing sun UV damage

While Anessa has sunscreen, UVWhite has an entire line of skincare especially formutaled for skin whitening. It also has base make makeup, liquid and powder foundations.


エリクシール シュペリエルDon't just compensate. Aging System Development. Direct approach using an age-focused system.
 エリクシール プリオール For women embarking on a positive live from now on. A skin care brand to beautifully pile on age.

Elixir is the umbrella brand with 3 brands separated to target specific skin age and problems. While their skin care lines are quite extensive, their makeup lines are not. This brand is designed to take care of the skin. Elixir is for dry skin, formulated especially for winter climate. It has makeup base, powder foundation, blush, eyebrow and lip liners. Elixir Superieur is focused on its aging care system. It has a pore cover and UV versions for its base makeup, liquid and powder foundation, and pressed powders. It's function is also for hydrating and moisturizing. Elixir Prior is for older women at age 60 and above. It has only a makeup base and powder foundation.

Elixir White is a skincare only line that focuses on whitening and prevention of fine lines and wrinkles.

イブニーズ DRDesigned to be mild, no stress for sensitive skin

Evenese DR is simple skin care regimen for sensitive skin. It has only 1 foundation in 1 color, priced a little lower than Shiseido Makeup line.

(All images are from the Shiseido Japan website. No copyright infringement intended)

In the future, I would really love it Integrate got a little more publicity and distribution world wide. Mineral makeup is making its mark and Shiseido has a lot of catching up to do. Generally it's formulations target everything but very little when it comes to oily skin and hot humid weather like in the Philippines. Still, its principle is pretty obvious from the product lineup, Shiseido is a skin care company. Why need makeup when you have beautiful skin?

For more information on Shiseido Makeup, they have an English Asian site - Shiseido Singapore, and a Shiseido Philippines Facebook page as well.

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